A downloadable game for Windows

You have offended my honor, Wadsworth! This time, WE DUEL TO THE DEATH!

Engage in:

  • 100% realistic old-timey dueling
  • 100% authentic swordfighting techniques
  • One dramatic setting!
  • Two dashing heroes!
  • Fast paced murder!
  • Hilarious banter! (Self provided)

Glove Slap is a local-multiplayer only competitive fencing game. It's designed to be played with 2 xbox controllers, though just one and a keyboard can be used. It has hand-drawn pixel perfect hitboxes, and works kind of like a super minimalist fighting game where everyone has one health, and one sword. Also you can throw the sword. Play it!


GloveSlap v1.0 Installer.msi 12 MB